Voting Members

Matt “Grape Drank” Christensen

The Madame

Our Inglorious leader.  He doesn’t know how to pronounce words correctly, yet somehow business gets done.

Dain “Little Dain” Warton

The Dance Hall Girl

He makes an adequate assistant, just don’t let him sign your traveling card.

Eric “Krackerz” Slater

The Crooked Banker
Krackerz is a person, place, and thing but he’s not salty about it.

Lon “Dart” Bench

The Scrivener

Flies like an eagle.   stays put when planted.

Justin “Ivan the Terrible” Palmer

The Hired Gun

Drinks Whiskey.  Smokes meat.

Alan “Beandick” Ruvalcaba

The Corrupt Judge

Makes the PBCs giggle. Holds an absurd amount of names

James “ShortBus” Hightower

The Erectionist

Creates glorious monuments to history.  Also enjoys a good yeti nap.

Non Voting Members

James “Wolverine” Love
The Telegraph Operator

Derek “Garden Tool” Cartwright
The Public Reacharound


Dan “Stomper Fourty” Love
The Saloon Keeper

Rob “Big Chief” Baldwin
The Viceroy of Vittles