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Who We Are

Irish Kate 1858 E Clampus Vitus are a group of gentlemen (in the loosest terms possible) who are dedicated the the preservation and restoration of historical places for the widow and orphan…especially the widow.

What We Do

We are an organization dedicated to the restoration, preservation, and recognition of places of historical interest.  Specifically in the areas in Washington which made up Spokane County in 1858 these include current Spokane, Adams, Lincoln, Whitman, and Stevens Counties.  We are also dedicated to helping those in need especially widows and orphans in recognition of the mission of those who have come before. In the language of normal people, we do work in the community that furthers the goals of The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus to preserve and highlight historical events and places through community service work and erecting monuments.  We volunteer our time to help those in need by doing community service work such as delivering gifts on Christmas, serving at food banks, and general labor work for those who cannot do it themselves.